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Have Loads Of Fun With Easy-To-Make Cookie Recipes!

Most people love to eat cookies because they are sweet, flavorful and yummy especially when they are properly prepared and baked. Cookies are great desserts. If you like munching on cookies, then now is actually a very good time to learn how to bake cookies. You may start with easy-to-cook recipes.

Personally, I always look at those easy-to-cook recipes because my 2 year old son also enjoys cooking and baking. He owns a small toy kitchen furnished with stove, sink, fridge and oven. He often stands over a small footrest and puts on his little apron.

He measures, mixes and pours as if he's really baking. The funny thing is when he cooks inside his little kitchen, my son becomes like 1 of those food network stars on TV cooking and making funny anecdotes.

It was only recently when I discovered my eagerness to search for easy- to-prepare sugar cookies because I thought these cookies will be an interesting shift from my typical choco-chip cookies. Nothing's a miss with our choco-chip cookies. In fact, everyone in our house loves them. However, I thought to myself that it will also be nice to expose my son to a broader scope of easy-to-make cookies. Besides, lots of easy-to-cook sugar cookies are found online.

Although the Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookie recipe seems difficult to make, I still consider it as an easy-to-bake recipes. You only have to combine the ingredients, put it inside the refrigerator and roll them in sugar after. After the dough has chilled, you just slice it according to your preferred sizes and then bake them. The best portion of doing this recipe is when you are about to decorate your cookies. Your kids will definitely enjoy this part. You may decorate it with colorful food paint.

During my search for easy-to-bake recipes, I found lots of recipes that do not entail baking. The recipes call for minimal stove action but still no baking in the oven is needed. Since summer is fast approaching, no-bake recipes are really good and fun ideas. They are relatively easy to do and almost all the recipes have similar main ingredients. Finally, my kid will also experience actual cooking.

My boy loves doing lots of mixing when he does his play-cooking, so what I do is allow him to scoop the mixture and place it over the parchment or wax paper. This activity will be fun and interesting because the kitchen will become a big mess. It's totally fine as long as my son enjoys the day.

So what are you waiting for! Check out the World Wide Web for those easy to make recipes and have fun making them with your kids.


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