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Christmas - Food That Defines The Occasion: Super Bowl Sunday


There’s one Sunday in the year where most people don’t go to church. Not because they don’t feel like it; instead there’s an outside factor.


There’s one Sunday in the year where most people don’t go to church. Not because they don’t feel like it; instead there’s an outside factor. That reason is the legendary and highly entertaining Super Bowl put on by the National Football League.


Since football fans have existed, Super Bowl parties have taken over our attention and our wallets. Sure the special day is all about watching the major sporting event, but the party wouldn’t be perfect without food.

Now I don’t mean a three-course meal that will have everyone taking a nap after the game. In this case, food means those unhealthy snacks we make new year resolutions about.

Every year football fans go to the grocery store and purchase a variety of their favourite food. Some of the regulars tend to be potato chips, tortilla chips, frozen pizza, shrimp rings with dip and even chili in a can.

But why take money out of your pocket when you can make your own appetizers for the football game? All you need are simple recipes and you will be on your way to enjoying another amazing Super Bowl Sunday!

For instance, instead of buying expensive dip for your chips, you could make your own from scratch. You can get pretty much find any ingredient at the grocery store for a cheap price and produce a lot more dip than what a small container gives you.

Not only will it taste a lot better because it’s homemade, but you’ll also feel proud that you actually made a dip for you and your friends!

The most popular food item that’s eaten during the Super Bowl is pizza. Sure most of us can’t resist its delicious taste, we are able to resist forking out over ten dollars.


Instead of aiming to feed your appetite in such a large way, enjoy a variety of different appetizers. Sausage rolls, spicy beef puffs and even party mix are simple snacks to make and they’re sure to feed your hunger.

Another popular type of food that’s regularly eaten at Super Bowl parties is chili. The truth is, no one really knows who was the first one to start eating chili during a football game!

But the dish has become so popular over the years that even Campbell’s chili products are now an official sponsor for the NFL. Sure one of your favourite players may enjoy a can of Campbell’s chili, but the homemade variation is a lot better. This is because you get to decide what to put in it!

But aside from choosing what dishes and appetizers you want to serve, you also have to figure out how you’re going to plan your party. Depending on the two teams playing that day, you may want to decorate your house in a particular way.


One good idea is to decorate half of the living room (or wherever the television may be) in one team’s colours, and the other half in the opposing team’s colours.


Not only does it make the room stand out a lot more, but it can also spark some competition by making fans sit in their designated area. One important thing to always remember when planning a Super Bowl party is to have enough chairs.

Sure couches do help, but if you’re having more than 10 people over, you may need some lawn chairs. With that money you saved from making your own food at home, you’re now able to buy a few plastic chairs so everyone has somewhere to sit!

A well-planned Super Bowl party not only relieves some stress of your shoulders, but it also makes your friends or family feel comfortable. By making food at home, not only will you have enough to serve everyone, but you also get to save money too!


Just remember to not embarrass yourself too much if you’re going to do your very own touchdown dance in front of everyone!

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