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Christmas Articles - Another Christmas, Another Ice Patch

To individuals in society and little children around the world, winter simply means stockings, presents and cookies for Santa Claus. However, for the klutzy crowd out there, the frosty season is not only full of ups, it’s also full of downs.


Ice is not man’s best friend. The frozen substance provokes people to buy new tires, shovel snow and even use salt in a way we would never imagine. But most importantly, ice makes us teeter, totter and unexpectedly fall over.

As one of the clumsy folk, it’s hard to maintain your balance. Tiptoeing on every piece of ice not only ensures our safety, but it also makes us look as foolish as a cartoon character running in mid-air. However, after the fall you do get some time to be reflective.

In some instances, the blue sky you embrace, while lying on your back, incites you to look at your past (e.g. what you had for breakfast) and future (how your day is going to be full of bad luck). But if you can’t be philosophical, your mind tends to taunt you.

Like a public school bully who wants your lunch money, your brain heckles you by replaying the instant where you fell foolishly to the ground. But how can we stop these occurrences from happening?


Shoe store clerks say the reason why most slip on ice is because of the footwear being worn. But how are individuals suppose to know the difference between an ordinary shoe and a “slip-free” shoe?

If only there was a store that had a chart showing which shoes are perfect for the winter, our problems would be solved. All society would need is a couple commercials on slip-free footwear and the clumsy population of the world would be worshipping shoe stores.

Winter boots or any other type of hulking and awkward footwear can help when it comes to traction, but image is important.


Most people feel uncomfortable when it comes to wearing bulky shoes. They’re just big and obnoxious and remind us of the shoes clowns wear. But there is a solution to getting rid of the ice on your doorstep.


Most importantly, don’t let snow turn into ice or become packed.

Shoveling snow quicker than normal can help get rid of those hateful ice patches in your driveway. If you also sprinkle the driveway with salt, your safety boosts up to 95 per cent.

The other five per cent is accountable to those days where clumsiness just gets the best of you.

Even reindeer are clumsy sometimes. It seems the only way we get presents for Christmas is if the reindeer slip on a patch of ice on our roofs.

But believe it or not, Santa Claus is not a tumbler on ice. With rugged and gargantuan black boots, Mr. Claus could be the perfect spokesman for a shoe store in the winter season.


Image also doesn’t seem to be a priority for the jolly fellow, who wears a bright red suit and a large belt that could make a few Texans jealous.

But when it comes to ridding the world of ice, there’s not much people can do. Winter comes and goes, and so does ice. Our lives may be full of instances where we end up flat on our back, but there are little things we can do to prevent those occurrences.

Don’t count on a genie with three wishes to help make your life easier, because even the genie will say “ice is not man’s best friend”.


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