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Chewy & Soft Choco Chip Cookies Made Real Easy!

Choco-chip cookies are a much-loved treat and making them is really something that you should take the time to learn. These cookies are either crunchy, soft or etc.

Making these soft choco-chip cookies might seem a very hard challenge but I assure you it isn't. Just take note of a couple of steps in making your cookie batter.

Normally an easy & good choco-chip cookie recipe would be the standard ones placed at the back portion of those choco chip packages. For your dough, just be sure to thoroughly mix the butter and sugars using your electric hand-held/ordinary mixer until dough is quite fluffy. Watch out for lumps of sugar & butter then be sure that they are already gone before adding in your vanilla and eggs.

These first few steps are crucial to getting those soft cookies. Don't beat your batter together with eggs otherwise they might not become airy & fluffly. Just incorporate all ingredients until they are mixed together. Be careful not to overbeat your dough.

Next, into another bowl, combine salt, baking soda & flour together then mix them using your spoon then sift afterwards. If recipe requires flour (sifted) then be sure to sift your flour. After sifting, you stat adding in flour mix to your wet recipe ingredients until everything is incorporated well & add your choco chips.

Place your dough inside the refrigerator for around 2 hrs or better if overnight. When baking, preheat yor oven first before actual baking process. Roll out dough in 2-inch round shapes then place them 2-inches away from each other on your greased baking/cookie sheet. Be sure your sheet isn't warm when you arrange your cookies onto it. You could even place it inside your fridge prior to baking.

Then, bake your cookies as per directions until they appear light golden and browned. But make sure cookies aren't darkly browned or they might be crunchy and a bit hard. Be careful when cooking so you will get those lovely soft cookies and not the hard & crunchy ones. Take note of the steps above and for sure you will get those soft chewy cookies.



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