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Kids enjoy special treats during Halloween - but usually it takes some time in creating those spooky meals, it might seem like its impossible or such a burden to do but NO. Here are 5 quick & easy food suggestions for your Halloween. Creating them will seem effortless and they can be easy to prepare, it's even easy for your older group of kids to create the treats themselves.

Eye Ball Rice Cake Treats

These treats are tasty, crunchy and they definitely look disgusting! Align the treats onto one plate then using some squeezy bottled ketchup, trace red lines across the plate for it to appear like a spider. Cut into circles some cheese for that violent yellow pupil look, then top it with 1 slice of pepperoni or salami. Feel free to vary the eye ball treats with different kinds of elements, prefer choosing those that kids surely love.

Ghostly Burger Treats

Cook burgers. During cooking, create or trace out ghostly shapes of cheese using some Halloween molders or with the use of some template. Then cut two eye holes. Once they're done, arrange each cheese with ghostly shapes on top then quickly cook them using a grill or a broiler until cheese starts to melt.

Guts Jello

Mix some yellow or green jelly then pour them in suitable Halloween containers, you may use goblet shaped containers that looks grand, but plastic cups would work. Once ready, drop some plastic spiders on top in every container. Allowing them to stand each alongside every plate while scattering some extra spiders will enhance that spooky effect.

Marshmallow Ghouls and Ghosts

During the event invite a group of kids who want to be involved in the festivities to make this activity easy and fun. Melt chocolates (white) or chips of chocolates (white) into a microwaveable bowl then microwave these for one to two minutes. While waiting, string some marshmallows (white) on each lollipop or popsicle stick.

Then dip each marshmallow on some chocolate (melted) while swirling them around ensuring total coverage of every ghost heads. Take the treats out then put them flat onto each paper plate for chocolate to cool. Prior to it cooling, push two silver pieces of balls to serve as eyes.

You may use some writing frosting tube to create one mouth also include some features that you like. Create each ghoul using multi-colored marshmallows. Then thread each of the marshmallows onto sticks then add a bit of green food coloring unto chocolate (melted) prior to swirling each of the marshmallows, to ensure total surface coverage.

Use two silver pieces of balls to serve as their eyes just like what we did earlier, and then add a bit of decoration as well: for example, we made strawberry strands of candy appear to look like its hair; we could have included some drops of chocolate for those ears if only we had not already eaten all! Allow your chocolate to cool just like before.


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