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3 Easy Tips to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

  • Pick low fat or fat-free sweets. Low-fat or fat-free vanilla yogurt and chocolate pudding are healthy models of sweet foods that are low in calories. Make sure to check the labels for carb content because all products are not created equal.
  • Eat more fruit! Fruit is a sweet source of vitamins and fiber that is lower in calories than other desserts as well. Have a bowl of mixed fresh berries, cantaloupe or honeydew, you can always top with some cool whipped topping for a flavorful sweet that can be part of a healthy diabetes diet. Don’t forget to caculate the carbs.
  • Be cautious of "sugar-free". If it sounds too good to believe, it just might be. Many chocolates, candies, and cookies are advertised as sugar free, but they still may contain calories and carbs. And sometimes sugar alcohols (low calorie artificial sweeteners) are used instead of sugar to lower the carb content of foods. 


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