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Cookie Decorating Tips

by Recipe Help Center Recipe Help Center

Tips and tricks for decorating your favorite cookies. It’s not just for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Decorating cookies is an activity that children of all ages love to get involved with....



Member Review

Kidney Bean and Barley Chili

Made this barley chili two days ago, I just finished up the final leftover earlier today for lunch. Very very tasty, I loved the combination of crunchy celery and carrots with creamy kidney beans and slightly chewy yet soft barley. In order to make a tastier chili, I used homemade salsa (that already had lots of delicious spices, chunks of onions and bell peppers) and tomato sauce, which definitely made my chili more flavorful. Had this juicy and yummy chili with some toasted bread, so good. The leftover was even better the next day.

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