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Josh Khan

Many people won’t be aware of this statement, but February 3rd is probably going to be the unhealthiest day of the year. The reason for this is because Super Bowl XLII is being held at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

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Now the reason for the high-calorie day is because the Super Bowl is being held in Arizona. It’s actually because of the event itself.

Throughout the years you hear a lot of interesting facts about food and the Super Bowl, and you wonder whether they’re true or not. Even though you might not want to believe, every statistic is pretty much true.

Super Bowl Sunday has become a major event in North America. Some people think because of it’s prestige, it should claimed as a national holiday. If you like devouring chilli and indulging on cheese and nachos, you may agree.

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But there’s nothing wrong with enjoying snacks with friends while watching the game. The scheduled date for the Super Bowl every year actually fits well on our calendar.

The day is right after Christmas (candy and chocolate) and comes right before Valentine’s Day (even more chocolate). If you really observe more about your surroundings, you might be able to notice that the male population doesn’t really go ballistic about chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

Could it be because of the large pizzas, bags of chips and cases of beer they enjoyed two weeks before?

It very may well be because the food statistics that come from the Super Bowl are astonishing. It’s surprising how the population of North America can create such facts out of their hunger and lust for a football game.

But overall, it’s the truth and here are just stats that may shock you, put you astonishment or even make you shed a lonesome tear.


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