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462 burger recipes

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Favourite Crock Pot Hamburger Soup



An easy and tasty soup. It's hearty and delicious enough to make everyone feel happy, serve it with some bread to complete the meal.

Anniversary Burgers



Anniversary Burgers recipe

BBQ Tuna Burgers



Make these delicious and economical tuna burgers for your family. They are ready within 20 minutes and perfect for a supper on a busy weekday.

Peter's Burgers



Classic burger for the grill with a slight twist. Instead of bread crumbs as filler this burger recipe uses rolled oats along with a bit of teriyaki sauce for a boost of extra ...

Basic Hamburgers



Basic Hamburgers recipe

Hamburger Muffins



Tastier than anticipated. My fiance was impressed. Good to refrigerate and reheat for lunch. It's better to reheat in the oven rather than the microwave to keep the crispiness ...

Turkey Burgers



We wanted a quick and easy recipe--and this was it. Just as good as any other turkey burger recipe we've tried. I made just 4 big patties, so cooked a few minutes longer than th...

Bbq Cheeseburgers



Quick and easy to make, and these burgers taste delicious. Enjoy the juicy bites with some homemade fries or coleslaw aside.

Beaumont Bbq Burgers



Beaumont Bbq Burgers recipe

Spicy Lentil Burgers



These lentil burgers are packed with flavor and goodness.They can be served on top of hamburger bun, with some chutney or whatever your favorite toppings; or just have these tas...

Healthy Hamburger with Savory Feta Sauce and Cucumber



Creamy feta sauce adds zip, and cucumbers adds a pleasant crunch to a juicy hamburger.

Australian Hamburger



Australian Hamburger "with the works".

Barbecue Hamburgers



Barbecue Hamburgers recipe

Edamame Veggie Burger



These edamame veggie burgers are delicious, filling and packed with goodness. If millet is not available, use quinoa instead. Whole Wheat bread crumbs works as well.

Asian Turkey Burgers



Asian Turkey Burgers recipe

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