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148 beer recipes

by title


Beer-Batter Mushrooms



This scrumptious appetizer will have you hooked after one bite! Goes well with pasta or a tender and juicy steak.

Banana Beer (Aka Jungle Juice)



Explore the jungle with this delicious drink made from bananas, oranges and lemons.

Basil Beer Bread



Basic bread with a hint of basil that will keep you in the kitchen until it's done!

Coconut Beer Batter Shrimp



Create a new flavorful dish for dinner with this delicious recipe that calls for grated coconut, cayenne pepper,!

Beer Batter Fish Fry



Introduce your fish to beer with this scrumptious recipe that also uses cornmeal.

Beef And Beer



Having friends over? Try this succulent and scrumptious beef dish that will satisfy everyone's hunger!

Beard's Beer Batter



The ultimate batter for deep frying. Beer makes a batter for deep frying and smooths as French onion soup.

Easy Ginger Beer



This is a very easy ginger beer recipe, it takes about five minutes to put together and will be ready in less than a day

Sliced Chicken with Beer



This recipe taught me more for my Spanish friend. The chicken with beer that many of you already know and that she was always with the potatoes that I published a few days ago ....

Root Beer Cake



A very moist cake with the zippy flavor of root beer. Best served with vanilla ice cream or simply dusted with confectioner's sugar.

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