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1,215 sauce recipes


Wild Mushroom Sauce



This sauce has an intensely rich, woodsy flavor that works well on pasta, chicken, and pork.

Tamarind Sauce



Tamarind Sauce recipe

Eggy Meat Marinade



An easy marinade for meat. Makes 1 1/2 cups.

Curry Gravy



Vegetable Spaghetti Sauce



This delicious spaghetti sauce is loaded with heart healthy ingredients. After trying this sauce, you will always skip the store-bought ones.

Märzen Barbecue Sauce



This might become your new favorite barbecue sauce. Should you serve Märzen with dishes prepared with it? Certainly; but if you prefer a bolder style of beer (Märzen is sweet an...

Spicy Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce



A spicy honey mustard sauce for dipping homemade chicken fingers or chicken nuggets.

Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce



A sweet and sour dipping sauce that's perfect for chicken nuggets or chicken fingers.

Woman's Day Bechamel Sauce



A straight up French Bechamel sauce from Woman's Day magazine.

Mirabelle Homemade Mayonnaise



Marco Pierre White's homemade mayonnaise from the Mirabelle restaurant.

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Sauce Tips

The Secret Is In the Sauce – A Raw Food Chef’s Taste Trick

My name is Jennifer Cornbleet, but sometimes when I’m cooking, my alter-ego -- ‘Saucy Susan’ – takes over. You see, I love what sauces do for the flavor and texture of a recipe, and I’m always looking for ways to sauce-up a meal or snack.

Tomatoes: Putting the "Tax" in Taxonomy

In 1893 the United States had a 10% tax on imported vegetables but not fruits. John Nix paid his taxes on his tomatoes to a tax collector named Edward Hedden. One day Nix came across the

When Harry Met Saucy

The other night at the restaurant where I work, the executive chef admonished one of the other chefs for not applying enough

Getting Saucy!

Sauce making is a cornerstone to successful cooking. A sauce can either make or break your dish. Ages ago, when

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