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Peaches recipes

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Sour Cream-Peach Muffins

4 days ago

2.27 k

They were moist and not super sweet, chunks of peaches inside were some juicy and yummy additions. Had them for breakfast and snack in the last a few days, just finished the fin...

Apple/Peach/Pear Crisp II(Low-Cal)

3 days ago


A healthy but rich dessert that will have you hooked after every serving!

Ben and Jerry's Fresh Georgia Peach Ice Cream

3 days ago


Ben and Jerry's Fresh Georgia Peach Ice Cream recipe

One Pan Peach Pancake



It's like German apple pancake. In this recipe, instead of apples, we use peaches; caramelizing peaches make the pancake fruity and delicious. A great breakfast to start your day.

Peach Cobbler 2



Impress your relatives next Thanksgiving with this delicious peach cobbler that will turn heads.

Peach Cobbler

3 days ago


Instead of making the same old pies for Thanksgiving, try this scrumptious and decadent dessert your family will love.

Almond-Peach Crumble

3 days ago


A scrumptious and decadent dessert that will have your family asking you to make it everyday!

Custard Peach Pie




DIY Peach Preserves



DIY Peach Preserves recipe

Fresh Apricot/Peach Jam

12 days ago


Fresh Apricot/Peach Jam recipe

Peach Crumble



Very easy to make, and it came out delicious with great texture. I halved the recipe, used whole wheat flour, half butter and half olive oil, and baked it in 4 individual ramek...

Peach Coffee Cake (Low Fat)



Fresh and local peaches finally hit the market, we got some last week, and this is the first cake that I made with those yummy peaches. I used most whole wheat flour, 1/3 butter...

Blueberry-Peach Galettes

3 days ago


No sophisticated baking skills required, surprisingly delicious and super easy to make. Feel free to use other berries or fruits, fresh or frozen both work.

Fresh Peach Tart



Fresh peaches fill into an almond and flour crust, the sweetness, slightly sourness, and refreshing taste from the peaches go very well with the nutty crusty. It's a light, frui...

Fruit Granola

about 6 hours ago




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