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France recipes

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21 France recipes


Frances' Peanut Butter Treats


hese are perfect for serving with coffee and dessert, and I include them in boxes of home-made assorted cookies for gift giving



Prix De France Steak Salad


about 12 hours ago


Guilt Free Low Fat Maple Creme Brulee

Guilt Free Low Fat Maple Creme Brulee


I love Creme Brulee but with the high fat have been working on a no-guilt low fat version of this French delight. It had to be creamy with the subtle flavors I remember from when I was in Cannes France. Last weekend my father came to visit and here it is, low-fat no guilt Creme Brulee using Canadian maple syrup and a Madagascar vanilla bean. Guaranteed to knock the socks of any guest and you can feel the guilty feeling they have once they taste it. Then they're so relived when you tell them the ingredients. Truly no guilt.


21 France recipes

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