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Yeast recipes

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Best Multigrain Sandwich Bread

6 days ago


Some Multigrain sandwich bread feels like a brick and tastes like a card board, which frustrates us especially when we want to move to a healthier diet. But not this bread, it a...

Light Spinach Quiche

about 3 hours ago


Spot this recipe on New York Time, and it sounds great. So I did a few changes, here my version of this light spinach quiche is.

Pan Cubano (Cuban Bread)

1 day ago


Traditional crusty loaf that gets its sweetness from a little brown sugar.

Perfect Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread



The perfect whole wheat American style sandwich bread. Just the right wheatiness for a hearty but fluffy sandwich.

Focaccia (Italian Flatbread)

3 days ago


Easy and very tasty. I proofed the yeast before adding it to the salt and flour. I also sprinkled the top with salt after the olive oil.

Homemade Mini Buns



Mini buns are quick and easy to make. A simple recipe. Try it!

Applesauce Bread



Applesauce Bread recipe

Homemade Fish Buns

1 day ago


Homemade fish bun can be healthy. You can adapt this bun recipe to your own taste.

Spiced Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls



Turned out very fluffy, hot out of the oven I ate about 5 of them right away. Lightly warm spiced with sweetness from the sweet potato. You won't find these in any store.

Olive Oat Bran Bread



This whole wheat oat bran bread is fluffy and soft in the inside, golden, brown and crusty on the outside. It has a delicious tang from black olives, oat bran also adds some nut...

English Muffins 3



Make your very own English Muffins with this tasty recipe that is easy to follow and hassle free.

Walnut-Onion Herb Bread



A tender and delicious bread that tastes wonderful with a tasty pasta dish.

San Francisco Firehouse Bread



An interesting way to make bread, and it actually makes great flavor and texture bread.

Bread Machine Pumpkin Spice Bagels

18 days ago


These pumpkin spice bagels look great too. I really love the color of these bagels, pumpkin puree gives these bagels rich golden color, which makes the bagel look so yummy. Anot...


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