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Roots recipes

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Roasted Root Salad With Carrot Vinaigrette (Thanksgiving)



Thanksgiving comes to mind! Healthy and interesting recipe. From my MIL's recipes but I think she got this from her SIL! This could be a salad or a side dish and could be made a...

Stir-Fried Shrimp with Oyster Sauce

14 days ago


A quick, easy and delicious stir-fry, serve it over a bed of rice, yum!

Creamy Roasted Parsnip Soup



Wintry spices make this a rich, creamy, and flavorful holiday favorite!

Prairie Roast Chicken

18 days ago


An easy way to roast a whole chicken, and it comes out tender, moist and delicious. The leftovers can be put into salads or wraps or sandwiches to make a few more simply delicio...

Asian Miso Soup

3 days ago


Love miso, the fermented flavor gives the dish incredibly delicious taste. I developed this recipe, and use miso and water as the base, add fresh Asian vegetables, and let boil ...

Chinese: Stir-Fry Pork and Peppers

22 days ago


Chinese: Stir-Fry Pork and Peppers recipe

Ananda's Palak Paneer

26 days ago


An rustic and authentic version of a very popular Palak Paneer from North India. Out of several version I've tried this Palak Paneer is the best one yet.

Mango Chutney #1




Curry Lentils and Kale

23 days ago


This hearty and healthy Indian style dish is quick-easy to make, and it's tasty.

Broccoli Pasta with Sesame Sauce

29 days ago


A delicious way to prepare pasta. Broccoli, carrots and cilantro brighten up the whole dish, and sesame sauce adds the delicious ceaminess and nuttiness, and all the yummy Asian...

Fresh Lemon and Ginger Muffins

23 days ago


Fresh Lemon and Ginger Muffins recipe

Curried Yogurt Dressing



This curried yogurt dressing is spicy, creamy and flavorful, it goes well with any your favorite salad, or you can also serve it as a dip with a piece of cracker or fresh vegeta...

Turmeric, Ginger and Lemon Tonic Tea

about 1 hour ago


Tonic Tea

Quick Asian Risotto

2 days ago


Using cooked short-grain brown rice makes this super quick and tasty Asian risotto, it can be an appetizer or a simply delicious meal!

Tom Yum Gong Soup

4 days ago


How to cook True Thai Tom Yum soup right at home!


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