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50 irish recipes

that are low in fat


Apple and Barley Pudding (Irish)



A delicious dish made with pearl barley, juicy apples and a bit of double cream that just might make you lucky like the Irish!

Auntie Lin's Pluto Coffee



Auntie Lin's Pluto Coffee recipe

Beacan Bruithe (Irish Baked Mushrooms)



Mushrooms baked Irish style. Mushrooms stuffed with a sage flavored sausage.

Barm Brack (Traditional Irish Bread - Báirín breac)



A recipe for a traditional Irish bread. Barm Brack (Traditional Irish Bread - Báirín breac) One translation would be Speckled Bread.

Barmbrack (Irish)



Lots of raisins, currants and candied orange peel give the bread nice and tasty flavor, a classic Irish bread that is served during the holidays!

Chocolate Irish Cream



Irish Cream recipe

Irish Brown Bread #2 Monica Sheridan



A great bread, you can serve it with a cup of coffee or tea, or it can be served with any main course.

Irish Potato Soup



Traditional and authentic Irish Potato Soup perfect for St. Patrick's Day or any time. Especially warming in the winter. Simple ingredients combined in a belly warming way to ...

Authentic Irish Oatcakes



Authentic Irish Oatcakes recipe

Irish Breakfast Scones



Dairy-free, hearty whole wheat and bran Irish scones.

Green Irish Drink



Made of crushed fresh green grapes and pineapple juice, enjoy this Irish green drink.

Candy Irish Potatoes



They are not potatoes that come from the soil, they are made with sugar, and shaped like potatoes, also mixed in vanilla extract and milk. Dust with cinnamon or cocoa powder. Pe...

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