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Yogurt recipe collection

Yummy Whole Wheat Yogurt Bread

7 days ago


Yummy Whole Wheat Yogurt Bread recipe

Apple Walnut Salad



Very tasty. I added more walnuts, the salad was creamy, refreshing, nutty and absolutely delicious!

Frozen Peach Yogurt



You don’t need an ice cream maker to make this, but you do need a food processor. I use a banana and a small amount of honey to sweeten the yogurt. (See the banana-only variatio...

Glazed Strawberry Yogurt Squares



I made this recipe yesterday so I could get rid of a bunch of leftover strawberry yogurt. I was kind of worried about how it would taste, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was ...

Banana Frozen Yogurt



An easy way to make a homemade banana frozen yogurt. It's packed with banana flavor, creamy and smooth. You won't go back to store-bought one after you have it.

Barbecued Leg Of Lamb With Yogurt



Fire up the barbecue and enjoy this succulent dish that you and your friends will be hooked on!

Gingersnap-Banana Frozen Yogurt



Gingernap, banana, combine yogurt, very tasty, healthy.

Lamb Curry with Yogurt



This unique and scrumptious dish uses curried lamb and a yogurt sauce to bring a whole new meaning to the word "flavor".

Raspberry Yogurt and Sour Cream Pie



This is a wonderful and light dessert to offer people as a contrast to the heavy holiday meals and desserts normally offered at this time.

Creamy Beet Soup With Dill And Yogurt



A delicious soup that is easy to make and will open you up to new flavors.

10 Minute Fresh Berry Dessert with Yogurt and Chocolate



Next time when you crave something sweet but not too rich, try this recipe. Within 10 minutes you will enjoy a creamy, chocolaty yet light treat.

10 Minute Strawberry with Chocolate Cream



Creamy and tangy vanilla yogurt, some good quality cocoa powder, and pure maple syrup make a delicious yet light chocolate cream. Dip it with fresh strawberries. A quick, easy a...

Anchovy Yogurt Dressing



Excellent dressing for vegetables, pasta, fish, or salads.

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