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Yeast recipe collection

that are low in salt

Amish Friendship Bread (Original Starter Recipe)



This recipe is easy to understand and follow which is helpful when trying to make a bread starter.

Fresh Grapefruit Cottage Bread



An easy citrus infused bread for your bread machine enriched with cottage cheese and grapefruit.

Vagabond Gingered Ale



Try making your own ginger ale with this simple and easy to follow recipe that's stress free!

Almond Butter Coffee Cake



You will go nuts over this scrumptious cake that is decadent to the last slice. Just make sure your family doesn't eat it all in one night!

Donna German's Sourdough Starter



Learn how to make a sourdough starter with this simple recipe that's easy to understand.

Almond Cheese Horseshoe



A delicious recipe that will help you make this scrumptious treat everyone will love.

Amish Friendship Yeast Starter



Amish Friendship Yeast Starter recipe

Angel Biscuit



Angel Biscuit recipe

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