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Vegan recipe collection

Quick Sweet and Tangy Squash Soup



Try something new for soup with this delicious recipe that will become your family's favorite.

Quinoa and Smoked Tofu Salad



Delicious and loaded with flavor. Quinoa is so versatile to cook. Smoked tofu you can find in Asian grocery store, which does add some smoky flavour and meaty texture. Definitel...

Roasted Corn, Black Bean and Mango Salad

4 days ago


Last Wednesday we took this colourful and delicious salad to a pot-luck, everyone loved it and a few of them even asked for the recipe. It was such a refreshing salad that's als...

Star Anise and Date Masala Spiced Chickpeas

8 days ago


An Indian inspired recipe is full of flavor, a great side dish with some grilled meat.

Stir-fried Long Beans with Red Chile and Garlic

4 days ago


This is one of the popular Chinese dishes, and it is very easy to make. The spiciness and garlicky taste give the green beans some outstanding flavor!

Sunomono or Japanese Noodle and Cucumber Salad



This salad is subtle and very refreshing. There are a variety of textures-chewy cold noodles (bean thread noodles, some call them cellophane noodles 'cause when you boil them th...

Tofu Pot Pie



A delicious and tasty pot pie is made with lots of vegetables and tofu that are simmered in the broth. The cracker-like crust adds some great texture and extra deliciousness.

Vegan Cream of Corn Soup



If I were having my teeth out again, I'd have soup. I think it's comforting, and it's definitely easy to eat! My favorite is this recipe for "cream" of corn soup. Fat free and v...

Vegetable Barley Stew with Lentils

15 days ago


Super tasty and loaded with goodness. This is one of my favorite stew that I'd like to make on a chilly day. It warms me up instantly with tons of great flavor and lots of good-...

Veggie Flavored Pasta - No Egg

10 days ago


Homemade coloured vegan pasta.

Wok-Sauteed Tofu and Vegetables



Wok-Sauteed Tofu and Vegetables recipe

Wonderful Millet Vegetable Balls

14 days ago

1.26 k

Like the name of the recipe, these veggie balls were absolutely wonderful. They came together nicely, and were packed with flavor. I have to say they are the best veggie balls I...

Adai (Savory Indian Pancakes)



These pancakes are low in fat and loaded with protein from the lentils AKA dhals. Not to mention quite tasty.

Aduki and Squash Soup

about 9 hours ago


Aduki and Squash Soup recipe

Almost Non-Fat Banana Bread Muffins



Brighten up your mornings with these delicious muffins that are perfect to take with you to work.

Amazing Strawberry Sorbet



Amazing Strawberry Sorbet recipe

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