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Vegan recipe collection

that are low in salt

Tomato and Onion Pizza

3 days ago


Our dinner yesterday, absolutely delicious. I made my own whole wheat pizza dough with 3/4 cup whole wheat flour and 1/4 cup barley flour, and it was delicious with the onion an...

Aam Chutney (Mango-Chile Chutney)



This spicy and sweet mango chuntney goes very well with the corn flatbread, you can also use pineapple too.

Asparagi Di Campo (Cold Marinated Asparagus)

11 days ago


Italian asparagus. How to cook asparagus Italian-style. Classic flavor-packed cold marinated asparagus with an onion, caper, lemon and mint dressing. Perfect to make ahead and...

Avocado Jalapeno Dip



Creamy and rich avocado, citrus lime juice, and refreshing cilantro make this delicious and nutritious avocado dip. Dip it with homemade tortilla chips, use it as the filling w...

Beets and Onions Vinaigrette



A simple yet tasty and healthy beet salad. thinly sliced onions are tempered in boiling water then marinated with the beets in extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.

Best Curried Leek and Potato Soup

22 days ago


Curried Leek and Potato Soup recipe

Celery Soup

5 days ago


A hearty vegetable soup that is guaranteed to be gone in minutes!

Chapatis (Roti)



Try this scrumptious East Indian favorite that can be used instead of bread.

Low Fat Potato and Leek Casserole

5 days ago


Simple and perfectly matched flavors that let the potato shine through brightly.

Mild Fresh Salsa



Trust me; take the time to make fresh salsa. The jarred salsas can't even come close to the flavor of fresh salsa.

Pasta with Roasted Vegetables And Balsamic Vinegar



Try this savory pasta dish made with zucchini, tomatoes and sweet bell peppers.

Quick & Spicy Salsa in 15 minutes



This is a very fresh taste tomato salsa and also quick and easy, chopped some fresh tomatoes, sweet red bell pepper, tossed with freshly chopped cilantro and parsley leaves, ser...

Veggie Flavored Pasta - No Egg

10 days ago


Homemade coloured vegan pasta.

Adai (Savory Indian Pancakes)



These pancakes are low in fat and loaded with protein from the lentils AKA dhals. Not to mention quite tasty.

Aduki and Squash Soup

about 9 hours ago


Aduki and Squash Soup recipe

Almost Non-Fat Banana Bread Muffins



Brighten up your mornings with these delicious muffins that are perfect to take with you to work.

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