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Top 20 Sweet recipes

Mrs. Fields Carrot Cake


2.49 k

This is the best carrot cake ever. My friends said that they would buy it from me. I only make it on special occasions. MJ

Best Burnt Grapes

about 13 hours ago

2.4 k

This easy to make dessert is actually very impressive. Everyone who had it all loved it and enjoyed it, and gave rave reviews back.

Old Fashioned Fruit Cake


1.81 k

This old fashioned fruit cake is a classic. Candied fruits, rum, molasses and all kinds of spices make the cake rich in flavor.

Amazing Italian Rum Cake

14 days ago

1.86 k

This Italian rum cake is made with three layers of sponge cake, each layer is spread with rum syrup and cream filling. It's a beautiful yet delicious cake that surprises everyon...

Raspberry Pudding Cake

2 minutes ago

1.78 k

Looks great, tastes great. It is best to place it on a cookie sheet covered with foil in case there is any boil over when baking. This is a restaurant quality recipe, absolute...

Triple Pecan Pie with Maple


1.53 k

There are ground pecans in the shell, there are chopped pecans in the maple-brown sugar filling, and there are maple candied pecans arranged on top. The sweetness comes from bot...

Willard Scott's Christmas Cake

10 days ago

1.38 k

This delicious and moist Christmas cake will satisfy everyone at your dinner table.

Spicy Sweet Bacon Wrapped Chicken


1.83 k

This is based on a delicious Paula Deen chicken recipe. It makes a great appetizer and only uses 5 simple ingredients. I found the original recipe way too sweet so have modified...

Yankee Doodle Cupcakes

3 days ago

1.22 k

These buttery and moist yankee doodle cupcakes are absolutely delicious. They are filled with vanilla creme that gives you some yummy surprise in every bite.

Amish Peanut Butter Cream Pie


1.19 k

This delicious peanut butter cream pie is super creamy but without cream. The custard like base is made with milk, egg yolks and corn starch. Instead of whipped cream, use whipp...

Aplets And Cotlets



Aplets And Cotlets recipe

RumChata Fudge

17 days ago


Sweet cinnamony white chocolate fudge.

Valentine's Day Brownie Pizza


1.12 k

Chocolatly, moist and well balanced sweetness. Make this super brownie pizza for your loved one at Valentines' Day, hmmm...

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites



This is based on a delicious Paula Deen chicken recipe. Very yummy using only 4 simple ingredients.

Gumdrop Cake



A moist version of a classic gumdrop cake.

Baileys Irish Cream Truffles


1.05 k

Settle down around the fireplace with this snack that is sure to be gone in a matter of seconds!

Double Chocolate Ricotta Muffins

10 days ago


These chocolaty, moist and buttery muffins are so delicious, it is a great way to use up some of the leftover ricotta cheese that adds the creaminess and moisture into the muffins.

Blueberry Mascarpone Cupcakes with Mascarpone Cream Frosting



Mascarpone is light and creamy, try to find fresh, local and seasonal blueberries, which make the cupcakes absolutely flavorful. The frosting is made with mascarpone and heavy c...

Cuban Bread Pudding

2 days ago


Cuban bread pudding is a classic and popular dessert in Cuba, and it is easy to make, you can put any your favorite topping onto it to give the pudding extra goodness.

Polish Yeast Cake



This Polish yeast cake is moist and tasty. Yeast not only makes the cake puff, but also adds the yumminess. Almonds and raisins are delicious addition. Glaze adds extra sweetnes...

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