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Snack recipe collection

that are low-carb

Apple Orange Spice Muffins (Ww)

11 days ago


Apple Orange Spice Muffins (Ww) recipe

Avocado Multi-Layer Party Dip

18 days ago


A refreshing twist on a multi-layer tortilla dip great for serving a crowd.

Best Chunky Guacamole



Freshly homemade guacamole is a great accompaniment with tortilla chips, and it is so quick and easy to make, refreshing feeling through the whole body!

Bisquick Apple Cinnamon Muffins

1 day ago

4.39 k

Bisquick Apple Cinnamon Muffins recipe

Bisquick Berry Yogurt Muffins

5 days ago


Bisquick Berry Yogurt Muffins recipe

Bisquick Bran Muffins

4 days ago


My 10-year-old today made these bran muffins, and they came out moist, and not too sweet. Perfect for breakfast or snack. She enjoyed making these muffins very much.

Cherry Tomato Salsa

13 days ago


Cherry Tomato Salsa recipe

Chicken Nuggets



Chicken Nuggets recipe

Cranberry or Blueberry Muffins



Cranberry or Blueberry Muffins recipe

Homemade Chana- Dhal Vada



Crispy and tasty!

Hummus Me Tahini



Hummus Me Tahini recipe

Oven Fries



So delicious and much less greasy than your deep-fried ones.

Phyllo (Filo) Mushroom Pies

10 days ago


Juicy mushroom filling spiced with coriander and cumin wrapped inside light and crispy phyllo pastry.

Quick Applesauce Muffins

24 days ago


Why not try a new type of muffin with this simple recipe that's quick and easy to follow.

Smoked Cheese Multi-Grain Quesadillas



Looking for a quick tasty snack? It's easy to make your own smoked mozzarella (in less than a minute), add a handful of scallions and melt it together in minutes for a smokey a...

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