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Top 20 Salmon recipes

that are high-fiber

Aussie: Roseville Tea Sandwiches



Take a trip to the Outback with this scrumptious appetizer. Perfect for a relaxing day in the shade with a cup of tea!

Salmon Log



Tart De Brymlent (A Medieval Lenten Tart)



Tart De Brymlent (A Medieval Lenten Tart) recipe




Create a crockpot full of magic and a scrumptious dish for dinner with this recipe that uses any leftovers you have!

Quick Fix Pasta Sauces



Learn how to make a variety of delicious pasta sauces that can make any meal taste amazing!

Pasta Shells with Salmon, Tomatoes and Toasted Bread Crumbs



This easy and simple recipe also came out delicious. Lemon juice added a touch of refreshing taste, and the overall flavour was well balanced. Giving this dish a five star.

Southwestern Salmon & Black Beans



Try this blend of the sweetness of the salmon, richness of black beans and the zestiness of the topping for a taste treat.

A Squid Dish for Days of Abstinence (circa 1475)



Yes from the year 1475. Platina mentions several odd fishes not usually used today as food, such as cuttlefish, scorpions, lampreys and sea-lion. But most of his fish are still...

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