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Quick recipe collection

10 Minute Corny Chicken



Chicken in corn over rice, quick and easy if you use pre-cooked or canned chunk chicken it's ready in 10 minutes flat!

30-Minute Beef Tortillas



A quick and easy supper, ready in 30 minutes flat.

30-Minute Mexican Marinara Sauce



Spagetti sauce with a twist from the Sizzlin' Mexican, this sauce includes beef, black beans and corn!

All-In-One Brekkie



A quick and delicious one-pan meal fills you up with sausage, mushrooms, bacon, potatoes and eggs. Enjoy it with some crusty bread or steamed rice.

Amazing Simple Chicken Italiano



Simple chicken and pasta recipe.

Artichoke Baskets With Caper Dip



Impress your favorite valentine with these lovely artichoke baskets filled with a creamy fat free dip.

Asparagus and Pimientos



Super easy side of Asparagus dressed with pimentos, lime juice and pine nuts.

Banana and Chocolate Milkshake



If you adore banana, chocolate and peanut butter, this milkshake certainly belongs to you. It's creamy, chocolaty and absolutely divine to enjoy.

Basil Pesto Sauce Over Pasta



Try this basic dish that has hints of Italian heritage in every bite.

Berbere Spice Mix



An Ethiopian (African) dry spice mix.

Blue Cheese Fettuccine



Easy, quick and rich tasting pasta and it's ready in 20 minutes.

Bouquet Garni



A traditional seasoning that is perfect for meats and vegetables.

Breakfast Broccoli Frittata with Cheddar



Start your day with one or two wedges of this cheesy and tasty broccoli frittata with a cup of orange juice or some fresh fruits. It satisfies your taste buds and provides enoug...

Cheesy Spinach Balls



Spinach, cheeses and bread crumbs are three major ingredients, and they make these crispy outside and cheesy inside delicious spinach balls, they are a perfect appetizer or deli...

Chicken and Roast Beef Muffulettas



I make this chicken and roast beef muffulettas very often. Last year for super bowl, they were even not enough. My friends kept asking me for more of these sandwiches...

Chicken Kiev (Easy Version)



Easy Chicken recipe, easy foe me to make and less time consuming than traditional Chicken Kiev.

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