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Quick recipe collection

Roasted Green Beans



Instead of steaming or boiling the green beans, let's roast them instead. Roasting develops tons of flavors into green beans, also gives a very nice texture. This simple recipe ...

Shaved Spring Vegetables and White Bean Salad



Shaved spring vegetables are crunchy and refreshing, and white bean absorb the flavor from the light and tasty vinaigrette. A well balanced spring or summer salad.

Sichuan Beef



Asian style sichuan beef with garlic, shallots, snow peas and red bell peppers.

Simple Chicken Cacciatore



Simple chicken recipe. Easy to prepare using jarred sauce and healthy chicken breast.

Simple Chicken Curry



A simple chicken curry, perfect served over rice. Coconut cream gives this dish a rich taste.

Simple Chicken Salad



A nice simple Chicken Salad recipe reminiscent of a chicken caesar salad.

Simple Chicken Sauté Low Fat



Quick and easy simple chicken recipe that is low in fat and tasty.

Simple Chinese Cabbage Chicken Soup



Super simple cabbage soup chinese style from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Simple Summertime Chicken Salad



Quick and simple chicken salad that is a great way to use up leftover chicken, be it grilled, broiled or poached.

Spaghetti al Limone (with lemon and olive oil)



Fruity and creamy. Italian spaghetti with lemon, olive oil with a touch of basil. Bright, lemony flavors.

Spinach Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich



Delicious spinach pesto and great melting and flavorful swiss cheese make these super cheesy and tasty grilled cheese sandwiches. An excellent twist from tradition.

Summer Sweet Spring Salad



This is a sweet way to lower your risk for cancer. Great with soup or sandwich, the spring salad is packed with fiber, antioxidants, omega, and lycopene.

The Omelette



The classic french style omelet.

Thyme-Lemon Zest Herb Paste



Instead of getting out the mayonnaise, why not try this spread that's perfect for sandwiches or crackers.

Vegan Cheese Sauce



Cheese sauce without the cheese.

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