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Top 20 Peach recipes

Sour Cream-Peach Muffins

4 days ago

2.27 k

They were moist and not super sweet, chunks of peaches inside were some juicy and yummy additions. Had them for breakfast and snack in the last a few days, just finished the fin...

Apple/Peach/Pear Crisp II(Low-Cal)

3 days ago


A healthy but rich dessert that will have you hooked after every serving!

Ben and Jerry's Fresh Georgia Peach Ice Cream

3 days ago


Ben and Jerry's Fresh Georgia Peach Ice Cream recipe

Fruit Granola

about 6 hours ago



Fresh Apricot/Peach Jam

12 days ago


Fresh Apricot/Peach Jam recipe

Pflaumenkuchen (Plum Cake)

3 days ago


Pflaumenkuchen (Plum Cake) recipe

Brandied Fruit Starter for Friendship Cake



Make delicious friendship cake with these homemade brandied fruit starter, it's going to impress everyone who has a taste of it.

Biscochito Cake



Biscochito Cake recipe

Almond-Peach Crumble

3 days ago


A scrumptious and decadent dessert that will have your family asking you to make it everyday!

Super Moist Friendship Cake

3 days ago


Super Moist Friendship Cake recipe

DIY Peach Preserves



DIY Peach Preserves recipe

Apricot-Jalapeno Jelly



A sweet and spicy jelly that tastes wonderful on toast, in sandwiches or on your famous meat loaf!

Peach Strudel with Vanilla Sauce

9 days ago


It was definitely my kind of dessert, it's sweet, but too sweet; vanilla sauce gave some richness, but wasn't overwhelming. The peach-maple filling was so delicious, packed with...

Fruit Curry



One Pan Peach Pancake



It's like German apple pancake. In this recipe, instead of apples, we use peaches; caramelizing peaches make the pancake fruity and delicious. A great breakfast to start your day.

The Ultimate Cheesecake

4 days ago


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