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Low Calorie recipe collection

that are high-fiber

Garlic Gazpacho



Garlic Gazpacho recipe

Mixed Green Salad with Apple and Smoked Cheddar

8 days ago


A plateful of refreshing salad that has mixed greens, apples, and smoked cheddar tossed with a red wine vinegar and olive oil vinaigrette.

Oven Poached Pears in Wine

22 days ago


Oven Poached Pears in Wine recipe

So Good Carrot and Orange Soup



Spicy Carrot and Orange Soup recipe

Super Fresh Tomato Soup



Super Fresh Tomato Soup recipe

Adas Careh (Lentil Butter)



Use a butter substitute and make your toast look vibrant!

15 Minute Black Bean Salad



An easy yet tasty black bean salad that has corn, cherry tomatoes, sweet red bell peppers and pumpin seeds, is tossed with a light and refreshing vinaigrette.

African Vegetarian Stew

15 days ago


A delicious and hearty stew made with kohlrabies, sweet potatoes, chickpeas and raisins.




Treat your family with this simple and tasty recipe that can help you make your kids become asparagus-lovers!

Avocado and Berry Smoothie



Avocado and berries are both super healthy fruits. Make a smoothie with both of these delicious fruits, it's creamy, refreshing and tasty. A great way to start up your day!

Bean and Mushroom Stroganoff



Vegetarian recipe is always very strict on the ingredients, this is a typical vegetarian recipe! Very good!

Beets & Greens Salad with Cannellini Beans



Beets always have fresh and good colour, this salad, there are beets, beans, all are fresh vegetables, easy to make, taste so good.

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