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Top 20 Ham recipes

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

1 day ago

1.47 k

Stuffed chicken breasts with ham and swiss cheese that's served with a mushroom sauce.

Pineapple Brown Sugar Glazed Ham

4 days ago

1.22 k

"Tastes best if you marinate your ham the day before cooking."

Absolute Best Ham Salad

about 2 hours ago

1.16 k

My 14 year old said "pretty good" much better than a plain ham sandwich.

Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Garlic, Ginger, Ham and Tarragon

28 days ago


The garlic, ginger, ham, and tarragon stuffing was quite tasty. The cream sauce picked up all the yumminess from the pan, and just what we needed to go with the chicken.

Boston Baked Beans For 3 1/2 Qt. Crockpot



For those who love baked beans, try this savory crockpot recipe that tastes wonderful with a soft, crusty bread.

Cheesy Ham Casserole

9 days ago


I used my left over smoked ham for this recipe and it came out awesome. I made it exactly has the recipe described and my family actually loved it. I will make it again!

Easy Party Ranch Ham Rolls



Ranch flavoured cream cheese cheese rolled with ham in a flour tortilla. A favourite party appetizer that's very easy to prepare in a short amount of time.

Favorite Quebec Pea Soup



Quebec Pea Soup recipe

Baked Ham

16 days ago


Very pleasing to the eye and the palate. Easy recipe. I used honey instead of maple syrup and cinnamon instead of mustard. Don't use water when there is all that pineapple juice...

Awesome Impossible Ham Pie

4 days ago


Impossible Ham Pie recipe

Ham and Swiss Mushroom Croissants



Warm, gooey and delicious. Flaky croissants stuffed with ham, swiss cheese and creamy mushroom sauce.

Superb Hawaiian Baked Beans

4 days ago


Superb Hawaiian Baked Beans recipe

Low Fat Whole Wheat Monte Cristo Sandwich

2 days ago


Reduced fat version of the classic Monte Cristo sandwich. Use low-fat milk, whole wheat bread and skimmed milk Swiss cheese. Still big on flavor.

Ham Salad Sandwiches



When it comes to sandwiches, try something different for lunch with this easy and delicious recipe.

Breakfast Ham and Sour Cream Muffins



Easy to make, and they are delicious. Make a big bunch, and perfect for a quick breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up snack.

Creamy Ham Mushroom Casserole

4 days ago


Creamy Ham Casserole recipe

Grilled Hawaiian Sandwiches

14 days ago


A tropical touch to a typical grilled cheese. A perfect quick fix for a week night meal.

Ham-Basil Quiche

4 days ago


A delicious quiche made with succulent smoked ham, mozzarella cheese and sliced tomatoes.

Creamy Ham Pasta Casserole

4 days ago


Creamy Ham Pasta Casserole recipe

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