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German recipe collection

that are low in cholesterol

Apple Cranberry Strudel

18 days ago

1.94 k

Instead of the raisins, this Apple Strudel uses dried cranberries instead. It's also lighter, crispier and easier to make by using phyllo pastry instead of typical thick pastry.

German Plum Cake

3 days ago


Delicious German plum cake!

German Plum Cake (Healthier Version)

6 days ago


By using most whole wheat flour and olive oil makes this German plum cake much healthier but still tastes super moist and delicious.

Mashed Potatoes and Apples with Bacon and Onions

7 days ago

1 k

Traditional German dish called Himmel und Erde which means "Heaven and Earth". Equal parts of apples and potatoes mashed and topped with caramelized onions and bacon.

Warm Red Cabbage and Apple Salad

27 days ago


In cold season, this warm red cabbage and apple salad is served with some roasted meat, brings you to warm.

Baked Red Cabbage with Apples

29 days ago


Crockpot Knockwurst And Cabbage

9 days ago


If you're looking for something new, try this succulent dish that will make you glad you have a crockpot in your kitchen.

Dreikernebrot - German Rye and Grain Bread

about 23 hours ago


A nutty and dense loaf. Great with peanut butter, or make a delicious German sandwich.

Homemade Sauerkraut

about 19 hours ago


Next time make your own sauerkraut instead of store-bought, it's so easy to make, and there is no comparison between this two versions. Homemade one tastes a lot better, I just ...

Octoberfest Bratwurst and Sauerkraut Skillet Dinner

2 days ago

1.16 k

Quick and easy, belly warming perfect with a pint of German beer.

Octoberfest Cabbage Salad



This Oktoberfest cabbage salad is another welcomed recipe at Oktoberfest.

Octoberfest German Potato Salad



A classic German style potato salad that is served warm. Perfect for Octoberfest.

Octoberfest Sausage Dinner

about 24 hours ago

1.26 k

This belly filling one dish meal is perfect for Octoberfest or a cool fall or winter day. It is sure to warm the belly.

German Black Bread

about 10 hours ago

2.03 k

A hearty German style black bread recipe for your bread machine.

Apple Date Strudel

18 days ago


Apple Date Strudel recipe

Fruity German Oven Pancakes

19 days ago


German Oven Pancakes recipe

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