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Freezing Leftover Chipotle Peppers

Freezing Leftover Chipotle Peppers

about 17 hours ago


Chipotle peppers are getting more popular and many recipes call for only one or two chipotle peppers. Here's a step by step tip on how to not waste the whole can for one pepper.

So Yummy Vegetarian lasagna

So Yummy Vegetarian lasagna



This eggplant, pumpkin and spinach vegie lasagna is a fair bit of work and takes a while - but it is absolutly worth every bit of effort. It tastes wonderful and is really healt...


Double Chocolate Treasure Cake



After one slice, you will be searching for treasure and what makes this cake so scrumptious!


Herbed Spinach Balls



Try this scrumptious appetizer made with spinach, parmesan cheese and a herb stuffing mix.

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