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Top 20 Enoki mushroom recipes

Spinach-Mushroom Soup

4 days ago


A very rich and flavorful mushroom soup that highlights the mushrooms. Use any kind of mushrooms you can find from the exotic Enoki and Portabella (as pictured) to the readily a...

Spicy Korean Noodles with Wild Mushrooms

about 10 hours ago


This recipe was absolutely divine. The Korean spicy-sweet sauce was the key, which gave the dish an authentic Korean taste. Assorted mushrooms and vegetables added layers of gre...

Favourite Thai Shrimp with Asparagus

18 days ago


Favourite Thai Shrimp with Asparagus recipe

Chinese Fire Pot

5 days ago


Paperbark Smoked Duck with Lllawarra Plum Sauce



Paperbark smoked duck, garnished with mushrooms and finished with Illawarra Plum Sauce.

French Restaurant Salad



An elegant salad featuring shrimp, enoki mushrooms and blue cheese studded with a fresh made yolk based dressing and a variety of lettuces.

Ma Po Tofu



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