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Top 20 Clam recipes

ready in 20 min. or less

Seafood Thermidor

7 days ago


Seafood Thermidor recipe

Best Baked Stuffed Clams



I prefer cherrystones for baked stuffed clams and clams casino. The chowder clams are best chopped for use in soups and sauce

Gorton's New England Clam Chowder



Gorton's New England Clam Chowder recipe

Baked Clams



If you love the taste of clams, then why not try this simple recipe that will have you head over heels for it!




If you don't have a lot of time left to make dinner, you will simply love the taste of this scrumptious dish that's easy to make!

Crab and Clam Dip

18 days ago


Clams in Pancetta Broth



Clam is a word which can be used for all, some, or only a few species of bivalve mollusks; the word is a common name which has no real taxonomic significance in biology. It is h...

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