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Top 20 Clam recipes

ready in 1 to 4 hours

Caribbean Fish Chowder

9 days ago


Many recipes come out of the Caribbean that people either like or hate on first taste. This particular recipe is for a chowder that is excellent.

Paella a la Valenciana



My family, guests, and I were awed by this recipie's rich and flavorful taste! This was truly a hearty meal.

San Francisco-Style Cioppino



A succulent seafood dish that is sure to satisfy one's hunger and bring families together.

Slow Cooker Bouillabaisse



If you don't have a lot of time on your hands to be in kitchen, then try this succulent dish made with fish fillets, shrimp and clams.

Yummy Bouillabaisse



Yummy Bouillabaisse recipe

Favourite Thai Seafood Chili



Thai Seafood Chili recipe

Mama Chio's Shellfish Cioppino

5 days ago


Mama Chio's Shellfish Cioppino recipe

Steamed and Chilled Clams with Lime, Chive, and Mustard Mayonnaise

11 days ago


The sauce here is no kin whatsoever to the ketchupy stuff that too often swamps cold seafood; it's a good bet with cold shrimp or crabmeat, too.

Chicken, Seafood, and Sausage Paella



If you're looking for a new flavor, this succulent dish made of chicken, clams, sausage and shrimp is perfect for you!

Tomato Sauce Paella

about 13 hours ago


Tomato Sauce Paella recipe

Catalan Rice



Amazing Seafood, Chicken, and Sausage Paella



Amazing Seafood, Chicken, and Sausage Paella recipe

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