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Top 20 Clam recipes

that are low in cholesterol

Best Baked Stuffed Clams

about 6 hours ago


I prefer cherrystones for baked stuffed clams and clams casino. The chowder clams are best chopped for use in soups and sauce

Steamed and Chilled Clams with Lime, Chive, and Mustard Mayonnaise

13 days ago


The sauce here is no kin whatsoever to the ketchupy stuff that too often swamps cold seafood; it's a good bet with cold shrimp or crabmeat, too.




If you don't have a lot of time left to make dinner, you will simply love the taste of this scrumptious dish that's easy to make!

Pasta with Sake Clam Sauce

2 days ago


Cape May Clam Chowder



Cape May Clam Chowder recipe

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