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Top 20 Chocolate recipes

ready in 20 min. or less

Low Calorie Low Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies

6 minutes ago

9.84 k

Chocolate shouldn't go together with "low-fat" but this decadent recipe will change this fact!

Bread Machine Chocolate Bread

about 7 hours ago

5.08 k

Bread Machine Chocolate Bread recipe

Homemade Devil's Food Cake Mix

2 days ago

1.75 k

Skip the store-bought box cake mix and make your own DIY Devil's Food Cake mix using pantry ingredients you most likely already have.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies


1.01 k

Be sure and double this recipe. It only makes 2 dozen cookies, hardly worth getting the dishes dirty! But the cookies are tasty!

Low Calorie Low Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies (revised even lower)

8 days ago


Initial testing looks positive. A tasty chocolate cookie that is both low fat and low calorie.

Peanut Clusters

3 days ago


Simple and easy to make. These clusters are chocolaty and nutty. Great flavor and texture make everyone want a second one. Make them for Christmas and be sure to make enough, yo...

Easy Peanut Clusters



Make these easy and delicious chocolate peanut clusters at any occasion, they are too addictive to stop eating.

Chocolate Peanut Clusters



They are so easy to make and taste amazingly delicious. Perfect treats when you host a party or a small snack at any time.

Lemon Snowflake Cake

20 days ago


White-chocolate snowflakes balance gracefully on a delicate, lemony three-layer white cake filled with zesty lemon custard and covered with a white-chocolate frosting.

Can't Fail Fudge

18 days ago


From the first time I made this fudge it was a hit! I had family and friends asking "When are you going to make more fudge?" And it's so easy I can make it anytime!

Tom's Applesauce Chocolate Chip Cookies

9 days ago


Chocolate shouldn't go together with "low-fat" but this decadent recipe will change this fact!

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies



The best chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe ever. Nothing out of place, just a simple exceptionally delicious cookie that turns out utterly perfect every time.

Danish Pastry - Dansk Wienerbrod



Danish Pastry - Dansk Wienerbrod recipe

Toll House Bundt Cake



Toll House Bundt Cake recipe

Black Magic Cake

17 days ago


Bring out the magic in your baking with this scrumptious cake made with buttermilk, strong coffee and semi-sweet chocolate.

All-American Chocolate Chip Cookies



Treat your family with these scrumptious cookies are easy to make and easy to enjoy!

Keebler Soft Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies

16 days ago


They are buttery, flakey and soft in the inside, but still crispy on the outside. Chocolate chips give the extra yumminess in every bite.

Schulz's Guacamole Salad



If you are a fun of avocado or guacamole, you should certainly give this salad a try. The guacamole dressing is creamy and tasty, the combination of lettuce, cheeses, tomato, sc...

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