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Cheese and Egg recipe collection

Best Ever Spinach Quiche



Delicious!! I have made it three times already! The first time I substituted minced onion with minced garlic - big mistake! WAY too much garlic. I have been making enough for tw...

Armadillo Eggs



The name may sound deceiving, but you will simply enjoy this scrumptious dish that will have you licking your lips in satisfaction.

Cheese Crispies

2 days ago


If you have to be addicted to snacks, this is a great one! I was introduced to these while "stranded" in an airport with a woman who came prepared! They're great to munch on any...

Ham And Eggs Bravo



Try something new for breakfast with this delicious recipe that uses succulent ham, cheddar cheese and english muffins.

Mexican Fudge

11 days ago


Try this tasty and simple snack made of cheddar cheese and monterey jack cheese.

Acapulco Rice



A delicious rice dish that gets its wonderful flavor from the shredded cheddar cheese and a bit of chili powder.

Alaska Omelette



Feel like you're in Alaska with this scrumptious omelet made out of eggs, salmon and sour cream.

Amazing Ricotta Cheese-Lemon Thyme Tart



Having a few guests over for dinner? Serve these delicious tart that will have people sending compliments to the chef!

Angel Of Death Cheese Spread



Kill your hunger with this delicious cheese spread that is perfect for sandwiches or crackers.

Asparagus - and - Emmenthaler Tart



Emmenthaler is a dry, aged cheese that accents the flavor of asparagus. Serve as the main course of a light lunch or supper.

Asparagus And Cheese Canape



It is a great appetizer, very nice cheese with asparagus, at New Year, always popular!

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