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Cake recipe collection

German Plum Cake



Delicious German plum cake!

German Plum Cake (Healthier Version)

18 days ago


By using most whole wheat flour and olive oil makes this German plum cake much healthier but still tastes super moist and delicious.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake



Gluten Free Chocolate Cake recipe

Goldy's Dream Cake

3 days ago



Halloween Bat Cupcakes



Super easy to make, and we made our own chocolate cupcakes recipe and chocolate wafers recipes, you can find both of them here too! Not too sweet, not too much butter, and also ...

Halloween Witch Cupcakes

21 days ago


These cute wicked cupcakes will definitely impress your kids and the friends, and they are delicious!

Honey Shortbread

4 days ago


These buttery shortbreads melt in your mouth. Honey lends the delicious sweetness to these shortbreads, and pecans add yummy nuttiness.

Iced Lemon Loaf (Barefoot Contessa)

7 days ago

2.26 k

Usually I have a certain degree of self control when it comes to my buttery treats. With this lemon cake, however, I will happily consume an entire loaf in a sitting without thi...

Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding Cake

6 days ago

5.25 k

This Jamaican Sweet Potato Pudding cake is smooth and creamy, the coconut milk, raisins and rum add huge flavor to this dessert.

Key Lime Cake (Lighter Version)



By using mostly whole wheat flour, a combination of applesauce, butter and olive oil makes this key lime cake much healthier and lighter than your regular key lime cake. It sti...

Key Lime Cake with Lime Cream Filling

14 days ago


If you like key lime pie, you will definitely like this key lime cake, instead of using whipping cream, we use meringue, it is much lower fat and calories, and the flavour is ab...

Key Lime Cake with Lime Syrup

12 days ago


A very citrus and moist key lime cake, you don't have to be in the keys, you can still have a slice or two of this delicious cake.

Lunar Rhubarb Cake

6 days ago

1.25 k

I love rhubarb and I always have it on hand in the freezer, makes great jam and each new season I raid the garden and stock up. This recipe is a favorite, given to me by my husb...

Marla Gibbs' Carrot Cake

17 days ago


Moist and delicious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting will satisfy everyone.

Mexican Fruit Cake

1 day ago

2.65 k

The cake was so moist and delicious. It's kind like carrot cake but without carrot, and it has become my new favourite.

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