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Top 20 Cajun recipes

ready in 30 min. or less

Cajun Chicken Pasta

8 days ago

1.91 k

A tantalizing and delicious pasta dish made with succulent chicken breasts, bell peppers and fresh mushrooms.

Cajun Shepherd's Pie Paul Prudhomme

3 days ago


Cajun Shepherd's Pie Paul Prudhomme recipe

Cajun Coffee

26 days ago


Cajun Coffee recipe

Cajun Shrimp



Spice up your shrimp with this succulent recipe that doesn't take a lot of effort. Perfect for when you're late to prepare dinner!

Cajun Coleslaw

29 days ago


A delicious variation of coleslaw made with sweet bell peppers and tabasco sauce.

Pickled Pork



Boudin Blanc



Add a sophisticated look and taste to dinner with this scrumptious recipe that will become one of your favorites.

Cajun Style Jambalaya



Creole or red jambalaya includes tomatoes while the Cajun style does not. Either way, it is a spicy and robust dish that epitomizes the soul of New Orleans. Here's my recipe for...

Fried Eggplant or Zucchini



Fried Eggplant or Zucchini recipe

Cajun Jambalaya



A succulent dish that has a spicy taste everyone in your family will love!

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