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Breakfasts & Brunch recipe collection

ready in 20 min. or less

Kicked Up Breakfast Sandwich



A spicy-sweet variation of the typical breakfast egg sandwich.

Mexican Breakfast Bagel

21 days ago


A quick eye opener in the morning with my coffee. I always have the ingredients on hand.

Morning Cocoa, Banana and Soy Smoothie



This high protein smoothie have both tofu and soy milk, adding the honey, cocoa powder and freezing banana, the nice flavor wake you up completely in the morning and keep you f...

Open-Faced Sandwich with Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil

20 days ago


Quick and easy sandwich made with ripe tomato, fresh basil leaves and mozzarella cheese.

Pizza Egg Melts



We didn't have English muffins, so used rosemary-olive oil bread that we bought from Costco instead, and it worked perfectly.

Poached Eggs Caprese For Two



An Italian twist to Eggs Benedict. Pesto replaces the Hollandaise sauce, mozzarella and tomatoes replaces the ham.

Poached Eggs over Spinach & Mushrooms

1 minute ago



Potato Ham and Herb Omelette

22 days ago

1.04 k

A marvelously well balanced combination of that go so well together for a perfect Sunday brunch.

Snow Day Choco Chip Waffles



Improvisation on a basic waffle recipe Only 2 min to cook and 10 minutes for a whole plate of waffles.

Spiced Oat Bran Cereal

about 18 hours ago

1.11 k

Toasts with Peanut Butter and Sea Salt



Everyone loves toasts with peanut butter, it's so quick and easy to make, and it's just good itself.

Weekend Skillet Breakfast



Any easy one-skillet breakfast that been healthified by using turkey bacon and egg substitute.

10 Minute Western Omelette (improved)



A classic revisited, using sweet red pepper instead of green and adding parsley brighten the result and some other tweaks to keep it light, fresh and healthy.

Artichoke Hearts and Fried Egg Crostini



Spread some pizza sauce over a few slices of toast, arrange a few marinated artichoke hearts and half fried egg over each toast. Drizzle a bit hot sauce on top. A quick, easy ...

Artichoke Hearts, Basil Pesto and Fried Egg Crostini



Basil pesto, marinated artichoke hearts, fried egg and some hot pepper sauce are topped on a slice of rosemary-olive oil bread.

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