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Asian recipe collection

that are low in fat and ready in 1 to 4 hours

Perfect Sushi Sticky Rice

Perfect Sushi Sticky Rice

19 days ago


The Japanese version of rice is called "Japonica". It's short grain which makes the rice round and extremely sticky when cooled. You can also use aborio or risotto rice which wo...

Chinese Red Bean Pudding

Chinese Red Bean Pudding

5 days ago


Healthy dessert!!


Braised dried Chinese mushrooms



Mushrooms are always a healthy food, this recipe is very worthy to try!


Chinese Honey Goose

12 days ago



Congee/ Kanji/ Jook/ Rice Gruel



Congee is the Chinese name, Kanji the Japanese, and Jook is the Filipino name, all for the same thing. In English it would be called Rice Gruel or maybe Rice Hot Cereal, but pro...

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