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Almond recipe collection

that are low-carb and ready in 1 to 4 hours

Mocha-Almond Biscotti

Mocha-Almond Biscotti

about 4 hours ago


Almonds, chocolate and coffee make these delicious biscotti. A great snack with a cup of tea or coffee.

Chicken Enchiladas with Pasilla Chili Sauce

Chicken Enchiladas with Pasilla Chili Sauce

20 days ago


This dish is so worth every single second, because it came out absolutely delicious. The combination of all the ingredients was just terrific, and I didn't change a thing, follo...

Cranberry-Cherry Crumble

Cranberry-Cherry Crumble



This is really a outstanding dessert, I followed up the ingredients step by step, and incredible tasty, great keeper for me.


Biscotti Di Greve (Orange Almond Biscotti)



A special biscotti with orange and almond flavor.


Almond and Coconut Meringue Drops



These light, fluffy yet delicious almond and coconut meringue drops are perfect for potluck or parties. They are easy to pick up and pretty much nobody can resist these cute lit...


Cherry & Almond Christmas Cake



Very nice cake, especially for Christmas time!

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