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23 egg recipes

that are low in fat ready in 1 to 4 hours

Eggs have a large number of uses in many types of recipes, both sweet and savory, including baked goods. Eggs on their own can be whipped, fried, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, pickled and deviled (stuffed). Added to cooked or baked goods eggs are indispensable in everyday cooking.


Loaded Veggie Chili



A hearty and savory chili that tastes wonderful with a crusty bread or those old-fashioned bread bowls.

Bean Soup with Ham and Veggies



Bean Soup with Ham and Veggies recipe

Maryland Crab Soup with Loaded Veggies



Maryland Crab Soup with Loaded Veggies recipe

Favourite Eggnog Pie



Favourite Eggnog Pie recipe

Easy Deviled Eggs



Quick and easy cold hors d'ouevre.

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Egg Tips

Food Coloring Chart for Easter Eggs

How to dye Easter eggs? Dyeing Easter eggs is easy without a store-bought kit. Follow this chart to create a huge rainbow of colors.

Poaching 101

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The Mousse is Loose

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Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs and how to perfectly peel them

How to cook and peel perfect hard boiled eggs. This method was developed by the State of Georgia Egg Board and has been adapted from Julia Child's famous cookbook.

Unscrambling the Egg

Which came first, the chicken or the egg, asks the ancient and proverbial question. Men have pondered this seemingly simplistic, yet intriguingly paradoxical query for

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