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22 dark chocolate recipes

that are low in fat


Vagabond Gingered Ale



Try making your own ginger ale with this simple and easy to follow recipe that's stress free!

Victory Chocolate Cake



Lead your tastebuds to victory by indulging into this rich cake!

10 Minute Fresh Berry Dessert with Yogurt and Chocolate



Next time when you crave something sweet but not too rich, try this recipe. Within 10 minutes you will enjoy a creamy, chocolaty yet light treat.

Dark Chocolate Mulled Wine Sauce



This dark sauce takes advantage of chocolate's affinity for red wine. Dutch process cocoa lends the sauce richer chocolate flavor than regular unsweetened cocoa.

Low Fat Chewy Chocolate Cookies



Chocolate cookies can be both tasty and healthy, these low fat and low calorie chocolate cookies will please you.

Chocolate Ganache Fudge Sauce



I created my raw food Chocolate Ganache Fudge Sauce for all the chocoholics I know (including me!), but I never miss a chance to introduce people to my rich, nutty Caramel Sauce.

Almond Cherry Cookies



They are easy to make, turn out beautiful and delicious!

Dark Chocolate Truffles



Make your own truffles, they are super smooth, creamy and loaded with chocolate flavor.

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