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20 dairy recipes

that are low in fat


Almond Milk (Non-Dairy!)



Each serving will be approximately 1-1/4 cups. Milk will keep in fridge 4-5 days. Leftover fiber can be used as moisturizing body scrub in the shower.

Dairy Free Pancake Batter



Dairy Free Pancake Batter recipe

Mexican Orange Fudge



Golden color and rich flavor is achieved by the caramelization of the sugar, and the addition of orange rind.




Digestion Boosting Fruit Salad



As we age our bodies' ability to produce digestive enzymes diminishes. Similarly, cooking foods destroys the majority of digestive enzymes found naturally in foods, compromisin...

Hot Chocolate



Chocolate contains compounds believed to boost serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain. Among them are theobromine and caffeine, which can increase alertness and trigger a p...

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