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10 chicken casserole recipes

ready in 30 minutes or less

Home cooks across America rely on oven to stove top casseroles as an easy all-in-one oven to table chicken dish for dinner throughout the year.

In the UK and Australia a chicken casserole is referred to as Chicken Bake.

Casseroles are easy to make, versatile, can be made ahead of time, and easily adaptable to your own families taste preferences. All you need is about 20 minutes of advance preparation and they're ready to pop in the oven when you are.

Chicken-Chili Casserole



Entertain your family or friends with this scrumptious casserole made with succulent cheese, green chili peppers and shredded jack cheese.

Crock-Pot Chicken And Rice Casserole



A scrumptious casserole made with chicken, celery, rice and a variety of cream soups.

Casserole Chicken Cordon Bleu



Micro on high??? Yuck --- I suggest you bake the whole mixture [covered]after browning the chicken first--@ 300 F for about 35-40 minutes. Also--the recipe calls for "2 each" ca...

Favourite Mexican Chicken And Noodles Casserole



Favourite Mexican Chicken And Noodles Casserole recipe

Easy Mac 'n Cheese Chicken Casserole



This chicken casserole is super easy to whip up using some Kraft dinner and leftover chicken.

Chicken Deli Casserole



Chicken Deli Casserole recipe

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