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Recipes with miniature marshmallows

189 recipes

Hershey's Decadent Truffle Bottom Chocolate Cream Pie

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28 days ago

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A rich and delicious treat! The quick and easy filling is made in the microwave.


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A scrumptious side dish that can accompany your famous Christmas dinner!

Oreo Pizza

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Butterscotch Clusters

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These deliciously addictive little bites of butterscotch goodness are a quick and easy candy to make for gifts or parties! Makes 3 dozen

Oatmeal S'More Cookies

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I found this recipe in a magazine and the lady was talking about making them with her two daughters, it was such a nice story, I thought I would try them and they are so yummy, ...

Southern Peach Yam Bake

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4 days ago

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