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150 casserole recipes

ready in 30 minutes or less

Popular in the US and Canada are the comfort foods, tuna casserole, green bean casserole and macaroni and cheese. Casseroles are commonly brought to family gatherings and potluck dinners. The word casserole comes from the French word for casserole which is a large, normally deep dish that can be placed in the oven and used for serving. In Britain casseroles are commonly called “abake”. Here are loads of casserole or “hotdish” recipes that venture far beyond tuna or green bean casserole.





A succulent and scrumptious tuna casserole made with green peas, egg noodles and cheddar cheese.

Chicken-Chili Casserole



Entertain your family or friends with this scrumptious casserole made with succulent cheese, green chili peppers and shredded jack cheese.

Pasta Jambalaya



This cheesy and scrumptious dish is the perfect dinner if you are late getting home from work.

Casserole Chicken Cordon Bleu



Micro on high??? Yuck --- I suggest you bake the whole mixture [covered]after browning the chicken first--@ 300 F for about 35-40 minutes. Also--the recipe calls for "2 each" ca...

Amazing Moussaka



Amazing Moussaka recipe

Mexican Nacho Casserole



An easy, filling yet delicious week-night meal that's ready within half an hour.

New York Lobster Newburg



"Lobster Newberg. Also "lobster a la Newburg"...The dish was made famous at Delmonico's Restaurant in New York in 1876 when the recipe was brought to chef Charles Ranhofer by a ...

Au Gratin Potatoes and Ham



Easy no-fuss Slow cooker (Crockpot) potatoes, cheese and ham.

Homemade French Fried Onions



Make your own original french fried onions. You'll never use those inedible canned french fried onions again.

Cable Car Tuna Casserole For Two



A much improved tuna casserole that's perfectly sized for two hearty servings. Cheesy creamy and packed with a variety of textures.

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