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Potato Crepes with Scallops, Salmon and Asparagus















Trans-fat Free, Good source of fiber


½ pound asparagus
1 tablespoon white wine
½ teaspoon cornstarch
1 each eggs
teaspoon white pepper
¼ pound sea scallops
¼ pound salmon fillets
1 x potatoes
1 ½ cups peanut oil
1 teaspoon ginger
minced fresh
1 tablespoon scallions, spring or green onions
teaspoon white pepper
½ cup chicken broth
2 teaspoons soy sauce, tamari
½ teaspoon rice vinegar
¼ teaspoon sugar
½ teaspoon cornstarch
dissolved in 1 teaspoon of water


Starting at the tip end, cut the asparagus into 1½-inch lengths with a diagonal rolling cut: slice off the tip at an angle, roll the asparagus about a quarter turn and cut again, and repeat on down the stalk until you reach the tougher base.

Discard the bases.

Dissolve the cornstarch in the wine in a medium bowl; add the egg white and pepper and beat lightly.

Remove the tough white muscle from the edge of each scallop and cut the scallops into ¼ inch-thick discs.

Remove any pin bones from the salmon and slice across the width of the slice (parallel to the backbone) into ¼ inch-thick rectangles.

Add the salmon and scallops to the egg mixture and toss gently to coat.

Preheat the oven to 175F and set 2 dinner plates in it to warm.

Prepare the Potato Crepes and place 1 on each plate.

Keep warm in the oven.

Have a clean, dry, heatproof container, such as a saucepan, on the stove with a heat proof sieve on top.

Drain the scallops and salmon and discard the marinade.

Heat a wok or deep skillet over high heat.

When it begins to smoke, add the oil. Wait 30 seconds, then add the seafood (the oil will not be very hot yet; this is intentional). Cook, stirring gently to separate the pieces, until salmon has lost its raw color. Pour the contents of the wok into the sieve. Return the wok to the heat, and in the bit of oil clinging to the pan, stir-fry the ginger and green onion until fragrant. Add the pepper and asparagus and stir-fry until it begins to brown. Add the chicken stock, soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. Cover, and cook until the asparagus is crisp-tender, 2 to 3 minutes depending on size. Remove the cover, return the seafood to the wok, and stir in the cornstarch mixture. Cook until the sauce is slightly thickened. Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary, then divide the seafood, asparagus and sauce over the potato crepes. Serve immediately. Serves 2.


* not incl. in nutrient facts

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 519g (18.3 oz)
Amount per Serving
Calories 171990% of calories from fat
 % Daily Value *
Total Fat 172g 265%
Saturated Fat 30g 148%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 158mg 53%
Sodium 605mg 25%
Total Carbohydrate 3g 3%
Dietary Fiber 3g 10%
Sugars g
Protein 63g
Vitamin A 22% Vitamin C 16%
Calcium 12% Iron 29%
* based on a 2,000 calorie diet How is this calculated?


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