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How to Prevent Cancer, 8 Actions!


8 actions help you precent cancers!


1. Stay as lean as possible

2. Keep Active

Plan for at least 30 minutes of vigorous activity or 1 hour moderate activity.

3. Avoid sugary drinks and energy-dense foods

Avoid foods that are high in fat, like fast foods and processed foods. Also avoid sugary drinks like soda.

4. Eat plant-based foods

Have 5 servings of non-starchy fruits and vegetables every day (potato, yam, sweet potato, and cassava don't count). Try to eat as little as possible refined grains like bread and pasta made with white flour. Instead, have some whole grains or legumes in every meal.

5. Moderate red meat and avoid processed meat

Limit red meat intake (beef, pork, lamb and goat) to less than 18 oz. a week and avoid processed meat at all costs.

6. Moderate alcohol

Men: no more than 2 drinks a day

Women: no more than 1 drink a day

7. Moderate salty foods

Salt and salt-preserved foods are probably a cause of stomach cancer. Limit sodium intake to 2400 mg a day

8. Don't rely on pills

Some supplements or high-dose nutrients are associated with higher risk of developing cancer. Try a healthy diet instead and don't rely on dietary supplements as the magic pills in preventing cancer.

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