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I've been too busy cooking to fill this out! Check back soon.


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I've been busy cooking up a storm and hope to share photos soon.





Caribbean Christmas Ring


4 minutes ago


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German Beef Roulade

Turn your kitchen into the perfect Oktoberfest destination

Oktoberfest celebrations are wrapping up in many communities around the world. Many celebrate Octoberfest throughout the month of October.

A bowl of healthy homemade popcorn, unlike the movies

Dark Secret in Popcorn - Movie Theater Popcorn: Not Such a Healthy Choice After All

A review of the nutritional contents of movie-theater popcorn reveals an alarming amount of fat, salt and calories in even the smallest sizes. The study, from the Center for Science in the Public Interest,

2011 Easy Dietary Guidelines

2011 Easy Dietary Guidelines

The new guidelines point out that obesity is the No.1 public health nutrition problem in the U.S. and actually give good advice about what to do about it: eat less and eat better. For the first time, the guidelines make it clear that eating less has its priority.

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Meatless Monday: Eating Bad may Make You Feel Depressed

Meatless Monday: Eating Bad may Make You Feel Depressed

People who ate plenty of polyunsaturated fats -- a healthier type of fat that exists in olive oil, for example -- had a lower risk to be depressed.

Grilled Sirloin Steak with Mushroom-Wine Sauce

Doctors Questioning Widespread Use of Statins

Statin drugs may not prevent heart disease, but more meat and less sugar might!

How to Read the Label Right

How to Read the Label Right

What are the labels on your favourite foods really telling you?

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